PageTiger is a heavyweight publishing system that converts your documents into dynamic online publications. Simple to use and packed with features, it outstrips the competition by working across every platform, from PC to iPad.

Easy to use
You won’t find a more user-friendly system. Originally created for the editorial team of a publishing house, PageTiger requires zero technical knowledge. Simply upload your PDF, drag and drop some interactive modules, customise the background with your company branding and you’re ready to go. Although the process is remarkably simple, the end result is highly impressive.

Works everywhere
Although most users will be viewing your publications on a PC or Mac, it’s good to know that everyone will be able to view it, whatever they are using. From the latest smartphones and tablets to the non-Flash iPad, the PageTiger system is so robust it works seamlessly across any platform.

Supporting services
PageTiger isn’t a remote online system that leaves you to get on with it yourself. The professional PageTiger team provides a complete range of services from technical assistance to bespoke project management. If you’re looking for help with your publication, we have the skills and knowledge to make it happen.

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