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Top Picks for HR Documents

PageTiger software helps create a variety of different documents, here our some of our top picks to help improve areas of recruitment and employee communications. Increase employee engagement and wellbeing with interactive documents.

Advent Calendar

Get your employees in the festive spirit through an interactive advent calendar.

Behind every door, create polls, top tips, and competitions. With PageTiger, the calendar can be released daily with a new door to interact with. The perfect way to get in the Christmas mood.

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Employment Offer

Perfect for recruitment, this document illustrates the ease of welcoming new staff members to your company.

Through PageTiger software, introducing yourself has never been easier. Using our features, you can create an offer pack that is hard to say no to. Easily embed links to websites such as Google Maps to inform clients of the interview location. Upload contracts that can be downloaded and digitally signed. Realtime notifications can be applied to see when a visitor interacts with your content, creating a quick response.

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Working From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has surprised us all with a new working environment.

So, to make sure your staff can adapt to the current times. PageTiger offers a document template that allows you to train your team to help them adapt to the new work environment. Including links to the NHS website about COVID-19 as well as polls and surveys around how your staff feels working in the new environment. From this, the wellbeing pack can then be released for tips and tricks to improve work-life during an abnormal time.

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Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing have never been so important; including links to the mental health website and contact information for the helpline gives your team the necessary information all in one place.

Making sure your employees feel supported by the wellbeing pack helps you manage your staff queries working in a new environment. A popular document before COVID-19 but an even more necessary document after. Support staff through informative videos and mandatory surveys to know how they feel.

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Company Magazine

Keep your employees in the loop with current and future plans.

Explore extensive features such as videos, photos, and links to other documents to keep everyone well informed within the monthly magazine. Using PageTiger’s new template feature will enable you to recreate similar magazines just to update the needed information.

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Company Conference

When conferences return, we have the document for you!

PageTiger documents can be sent to all attendees to have all relevant information, encouraging the meeting to run smoothly as the organizer. Ask mandatory questions such as attendance, travel arrangements, and dietary requirements. Include an agenda and photo gallery that is easy to navigate, offering information in an exciting way. PageTiger documents offer simplicity and are easy to send out to all attendees through TigerMailer.

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