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Latest Examples
Communicating COVID measures

Working from Home

Provide advice and guidance to support staff working from home to ensure they stay safe, healthy and productive.

Our four examples show how CityLife Bank has communicated with their remote workforce using PageTiger’s document library.

• Designs are automatically locked to CityLife Bank branding.
• Interactive content includes tests and assessments.
• Management access analytics recording each employee’s response.

Each of the documents have been created from PageTiger templates.

Returning to Work

Bringing business back on track while protecting employees, suppliers and customers. 

See how supermarket chain FinerFood has brought their workforce back to the workplace and implemented new measures across their stores.

• Content is adapted for countries, regions and stores. 
• Documents are sent to all employees and suppliers.
• Reporting systems track store manager compliance.

These documents are distributed through TigerMailer and can be displayed on in-store screens through TigerPlayer.

The New Workplace

Communicating a cultural shift to a cleaner and safer working environment.

The airline industry has been hard hit by COVID but this set of documents show how Europa Airways are getting their fleet back in the air while protecting staff and passengers.

• Documents are created for specific departments and operational areas. 
• Content can be updated as measures change from country to country.
• Notifications are automatically sent to the COVID team if staff spot symptoms.

Europa documents are created centrally with regional teams using the TigerGenius wizard to make localised versions.