Yorkshire Building Society Group

Yorkshire Building Society Group is the third largest building society in the UK, providing a range of savings accounts, insurance products and mortgages to its members.
Established over 150 years ago, YBS now has a network of over 3,500 colleagues managing £42bn in assets for 3.1 million members.

“I’ve been using PageTiger for about four years now, in two very different organisations. I’d probably say it’s the most useful tool I have in my arsenal as a Learning specialist, it’s flexible and in my view, excellent value for money.

We primarily use PageTiger to support development – we’ve used it to create catalogues, interactive system/process guides, and most successfully to ‘round up’ and house curated content, adding our own organisational context. This has allowed us to rapidly respond to emerging requirements, or provide a stop-gap until a more formal or bespoke solution is put together. These little resource hubs or mini-web portals have proved very popular with our business stakeholders and learners alike. The reporting is definitely a big part of the success, it provides a nice middle ground between the extremely fine detail provided by an LMS, and the basic visit and view counts from other services like Word Press and Google Analytics.”Emma Barrow, Senior Learning Solutions Manager – YBS

  • Assets:  £42bn
  • Members:  3.1m
  • Employees: 3,500+
  • Founded:  1864


BNP Baribas

  • Countries:  74
  • Employees:  192,000
  • Revenue: €43bn
  • Founded:  1848


National Australia Bank

  • Customers:  9m
  • Employees:  30,000
  • Locations:  800
  • Assets:  $800bn


Tesco Bank

  • Customers: 5.5m
  • Deposits: £8.9bn
  • Lending: £10.8bn
  • Employees: 3,600


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