Design for non-Designers

To start using PageTiger, you have the option of selecting from ready-made templates and pages automatically set to your brand guidelines. Add your own words, pictures and video, then make any element interactive. Choose from a long list of options including tests, links, surveys and downloads or embed content from websites or an intranet.

And if you're a trained designer or feeling ambitious, use an editable template or make your own document from scratch.


Now you can add the fun interactive stuff – pop-up boxes, videos, weblinks, quizzes plus lots more.

Just select an area with your mouse, choose the interactive module you want to use and click, you’re done. You’ve created an interactive module. This is what makes your online content really interesting and engaging.


Once it’s ready to go, just add any security settings (e.g. make it only available for internal staff) and hit publish. You’ll have a secure weblink that can be accessed by whoever you want to see it. This can be accessed directly or embedded within your intranet or website.

Concerned about security? Don’t be. PageTiger offers the highest level of security controls, suitable for even highly sensitive content. Tried and trusted by financial institutions, legal services and government departments.


Now your content is online, you’ll want to see who is viewing it. PageTiger can tell you more than that.

Our in-depth reporting system will track every single click and page view, right down to the individual user. You’ll be able to accurately assess the impact your publication is having.

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