Get the most from your account!

Our Onboarding Pack takes care of every detail of your account set-up so you don’t have to

Whether you’ve just started using PageTiger, are introducing new colleagues, or just want to get the most from your account, our Onboarding Pack will streamline how you use the system.

The pack consists of three main elements:

1. On-brand content every time with a Starter Theme

Our Layout Library of interactive templates takes the hassle out of creating digital content. You simply select the pages or template you’d like to use and the starter theme (included in your PageTiger Onboarding Pack) will automatically apply your brand fonts and colours – no design necessary! Just place in your pictures and content, and you can create a suite of interactive online documents in a matter of minutes. Check our example intranet here to see this in action!

2. Bespoke Styles for a slick and professional finish

Ensure every last detail of your content, from the toolbar to your page-turning arrows, looks sleek and on-brand every time. As part of your Onboarding Pack, we’ll create a range of custom styles using your company branding. These will be optimised to work perfectly with eBooks, presentations, or single-paged portals, so whatever your content, it’s guaranteed to look amazing every time!

3. Keeping your content secure

We know how important it is to tailor access to different types of content. For example, while a company magazine is designed for the whole organisation to read, a financial presentation should be restricted to stakeholders only, and an employee offer pack should secured so only your new starter can access it! That’s why, as part of your Onboarding Pack, we’re including two bespoke security rules and single sign-on configuration, so you can effortlessly lock down exactly who can access your content.

Claim your free Onboarding Pack now!

To prepare you for the arrival of TigerGenius we’re offering a ‘buy-one-get-one-free’ deal on all Author subscriptions, plus a free Onboarding Pack (worth £2,000!) to every account purchasing Authors in November. Just click here to pre-order your Authors and claim your free Onboarding Pack!

Alternatively, you can simply click here to purchase your Onboarding Pack. 



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