How it works

What is PageTiger?

PageTiger is a publishing system that allows you to make amazing online content. You can create, publish and track, all within one simple system. It’s cloud-based, so there’s no need to download any software.
“We were looking for an easy way to put our internal communications online. PageTiger proved to be very simple to use and it brought our communications to life in a way that surpassed our expectations.”Keith Glindemann, Crew Clothing

Create and animate

To start using PageTiger, you have the option of selecting a ready-made template or building your own publication. Add your own words and pictures and upload into the PageTiger system. Now you can add the fun interactive stuff – pop-up boxes, videos, web links, quizzes etc.
There are four ways to get started with a PageTiger interactive template…

1. Choose a ready-made template from our layout library .
Simply select the template style which best suits your project. Choose a theme which will have preset colours, fonts and interactivity. You can add and delete pages and adjust the background settings.

2. Pick template pages to create your own unique version
Choose a selection of ready-designed pages and build your own template to suit your needs. You can have any combination and number of pages. And you can change colours, fonts, interactivity and settings as needed.

3. Contact the Creative Team to build a template for you
Need a template or theme that specifically matches your branding guidelines? The PageTiger Creative Team can create a bespoke template or theme that follows your branding and makes the most of the online environment.

4. Build your own template from scratch
Our easy-to-use design software means you can create your own interactive template, in your own way. Sign up for one of our ‘getting started’ webinars to get the essential info.

Publish and track

Once it’s ready to go, just add any security settings (e.g. make it only available for internal staff) and hit publish. You’ll have a secure weblink that can be accessed by whoever you want to see it. It can be accessed directly or embedded within your intranet or website.

Send the weblink to your audience, then track who is viewing it and where they’re clicking.

Have a question?

Absolutely not! Hand it over to the PageTiger Creative Team and we’ll get you on track. The Creative Team can create templates for you to amend yourselves, or we can handle entire bespoke projects from start to finish.
None. PageTiger is a simple, user-friendly system that requires little more than basic computer skills. We provide a variety of training options to get you using the system effectively and confidently.
Yes. From old computers to the latest smartphone or tablet, PageTiger works perfectly on every platform. All you need is an internet connection.
Yes, PageTiger gives you complete control over the settings, allowing you to style your publication according to brand guidelines. We can also create an entire personalised template library for you.
Yes. PageTiger has fully tested security controls in place to ensure your internal content remains confidential.
Every reader is logged and tracked. Comprehensive reports give you information down to every last click.

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