How successful is your content?

Gain invaluable insight into the effectiveness of your content with PageTiger’s reporting suite!

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could see exactly who was looking at your content and which interactive elements they were engaging with in real time? Well now you can! PageTiger’s reporting system allows you to track user engagement, right down to each individual click.

Reporting gives you live feedback on your content, allowing you to:

  • Record which colleagues have read content for auditing purposes
  • Compare the success of your different publications
  • Improve the less popular parts of your content to make them more engaging
  • Test your colleagues’ understanding with quizzes and multiple-choice surveys
  • Gather valuable insight with polls
  • Identify your most recent, and most frequent, visitors

Watch our learn at lunch webinar to learn how to get the most from the PageTiger reporting suite, and check out our user guide for more information.



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