New year, new project!


Whether you’re creating the content yourself or working with our award-winning creative team, project planning is an absolute must!

Check out the creative team’s essential checklist of what you need to do to prepare for your next project. Then, maximise your budget by purchasing your studio days before January to save £50 per day!

1. Break it down

Whether it’s a job offer pack or an interactive web portal, it can be daunting to know where to begin. So break down all the elements you’re going to need:

Copy – These are the words on the page (and the pop-ups!). Remember, if you want to include quizzes, polls and surveys, you’ll need to plan the copy for these as well.

Images – If you want your content to have a sleek, professional finish, good imagery is absolutely essential. If your organisation has corporate imagery, get in touch with your brand or marketing team in good time to request it. If not, you can use the Getty Images library in TigerDesigner, where pictures are just £5 each!

Videos – Video is the perfect, engaging addition to any piece of content! If your organisation has corporate video, be sure to request it. If not, did you know our award-winning creative team offers full videography services? From animations to colleague videos, we can create the perfect bespoke video for your content. Get in touch to find out more.

Other resources – You’ll also need to remember gather any relevant resources you’re planning to include. These could be anything from policy documents to a map of the office.

2. Set a clear deadline

Before you begin, it’s crucial to set a clear and realistic deadline to complete your project by. It’s worth bearing in mind that if the project is date specific, for example a December newsletter or conference presentation, you should build a few days’ wriggle-room into your deadline to allow for any last minute tweaks.

If you’re working with the creative team, we ask to receive the finalised content for your project at least four to six weeks before your deadline, so bear this in mind when planning your project!

3. Establish your timeline

Once you have your deadline, you can work backwards to establish your project timeline. Here are the main steps in any well planned project.Set your goals – Decide who your audience is and what you want them to get out of reading your content. From this, you’ll know what elements you need to collect.

  1. Gather your content – Allow plenty of time for this, particularly if you’re collaborating with other colleagues. Set a final deadline to receive all content by, as you won’t be able to start work on your project until you have everything collated.
  2. Organise – Once you have all your content, you can break it down into sections and decide what information will go where. Be sure to clearly label everything so it’s clear what relates to what.
  3. Pass the baton – Pass your final, organised content to the creative team or the colleague who will be creating the project.
  4. Create – Use our Layout Library, template suite, or the intuitive TigerDesigner system to design your pack, then add in your interactivity.
  5. Perfect – Allow plenty of time for stakeholders, colleagues and managers to review and to apply their feedback.
  6. Publish and share – You’re done! Now you can bask in the satisfaction of a job well done!

If you’ve been inspired to plan your next project, contact the creative team to get the conversation started. Remember to buy your studio days before 1 January to save £50 per day!


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