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Rapid Response Training

Sometimes it’s essential to educate employees quickly and record their understanding to prevent damage to the business.

Creating your own rapid response training packs

Our experts will talk you through how to use PageTiger's unique software

Case Study

When Parcelwave was given an ultimatum by a major customer they needed to respond quickly. They used a PageTiger staff alert template to create a digital document with instructions and an assessment to test each driver’s understanding.

Behind the scenes, management viewed completion and pass rates by individual, region and team.

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How it was done

The pack was created, training completed, and results assessed within 24 hours.

Watch how Susan managed to do so much so quickly using PageTiger software.

Why use PageTiger?

Five reasons global organizations have chosen PageTiger to elevate their employee experience.

  • PageTiger is a one-stop solution
  • PageTiger documents look awesome
  • Access to documents is restricted to employees
  • Documents meet digital accessibility standards
  • Using PageTiger requires no design or coding skills
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Culture Change

How we consume news and information has changed and organizations are adapting how they communicate with their employees. But some are being left behind.

Listen in to Leah and Bibi as they discuss how their employers are managing.