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Service Description for Hosted Services

PageTiger is a cloud-based solution for creating interactive documents accessible by visitors via browsers on computers and mobile devices.

Administrative usage of the platform requires the Customer to purchase an annual Support Service Charge to include creation and maintenance of the Customer’s branding, styles and settings shared from the Customer’s Central Control Account to any or all Accounts within the Account Group. For more information view the ‘Support Service’ Description.

PageTiger’s Hosted Services apply to the provisioning of User licenses required to login to the administration area of a PageTiger Account in order to create interactive documents.

A User is a person identified through a unique email address who is able to access a PageTiger Account using a personal password.

Where multiple Users access the same Account then an Account Owner is assigned to manage Users, their access and the privileges/features available to each User. The Account Owner can increase the number of Users by (i) adding new subscriptions of (ii) upgrading an existing subscription. Where a subscription is upgraded then the cost will be calculated as the number of days remaining in the subscription period.

Users requiring a new Account can (i) set up a new subscription to become a Account Owner in their own Account or (ii) be added as a Child Account of an existing Account from where the Account Owner can manage Users and access their work.

Unless restricted by the Account Owner, these features are available to users:

Document Origination

Create unlimited documents by either (i) choosing from a library of customer-branded pages, (ii) selecting a template created from the library, (iii) using TigerDesigner to produce fully editable pages and/or (iv) uploading a file designed with other software.

Edit page elements, adding text and uploading images. Users can access the TigerStock image library with Content Tokens (purchased by the Account Owner) to secure usage rights. Incorporate interactive features including tests, assessments, links and charts as well as uploading video content. There is a maximum size of 500MB for any file uploaded into the PageTiger system.

Document Management

Unless locked by the Account Owner or Central Control Account, the User can change settings including (i) the style to set how a document is viewed, (ii) security rules to restrict who can view content, as well as create menus, add notifications, award badges, access advanced analytics and upload lists if expected visitors.

A document can be saved as (i) a template and/or (ii) a TigerKit from which documents can be created using the TigerGenius authoring wizard to personalise content for each version.

Document Distribution

Once published, the document may be accessed as a website (subject to any security controls used by the User).

Users can access the TigerMailer system to (i) build an email newsletter using a template layout and selecting page images from their design and (ii) schedule the email to be sent to individual email addresses and/or an expected visitor list

Users are responsible for ensuring mailing list contacts and broadcast of emails must comply with data protection and GDPR restrictions.

Where the Customer wishes to display documents on computer screens, kiosks and displays then the TigerPlayer application can be installed on each device and the User can determine which documents appear on which device. For more information view the ‘Distribution Service’ Description.

Management Information

Users may access analytics to view data, including the email address or employee number of each Visitor where captured and management information including document and page visits and responses from interactive modules created using the PageTiger system.

Reports may be viewed online and downloaded in a spreadsheet format.

PageTiger does not capture personal information other than that detailed above. Users may use third party tools within the interactive modules, but any data, including personal information, will be directly passed to the third party and not retained by PageTiger.

Additional Service Descriptions apply to:

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  • Professional Services
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