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Service Description for Hosted Services

PageTiger is a cloud-based solution for creating interactive publications accessible by visitors via browsers on computers and mobile devices.

Usage of the system as a visitor is free of charge although Administrators may place restrictions on who can view specific publications.

Administrative usage of the platform is through a subscription to PageTiger’s Hosted Services and this document details the features available within the three subscription levels:

    • Administrators have full access to design and distribute publications, create shared TigerKits from these publications and view visitor analytics.
    • Authors may create and distribute publications from TigerKits using the TigerGenius interface and view visitor analytics.
    • Analysts may view visitor analytics.


An Administrator is a person identified through a unique email address who is able to access a PageTiger Account using a personal password.

The Lead Administrator and any authorised Administrators agree to adhere to PageTiger’s acceptable use.

Each Administrator/Author is charged an annual subscription fee. The charges are based on:

  • Number of Administrators/Authors:
Rates are set on a sliding scale based on the total Administrators/Authors holding paid annual subscriptions within a Customer Group, whether within a single PageTiger Account or multiple Accounts.
  • Geographical Location: Rates are set in local currency and may vary subject to exchange rates.

The first person registered in each PageTiger Account is the Lead Administrator and has additional privileges. The Lead Administrator may:

  • Purchase multiple subscriptions for additional Administrators/Authors.
  • Manage privileges for individual Administrators, including restricting the locations from where the Account can be accessed and the features available.
  • Create Child Accounts. These Accounts are managed by the Parent Account with options to add Administrators, allocate resources and share design templates.

Each subscription renewal date is fixed as one year from the initial purchase. If Administrators are added to a subscription during the year then the initial subscription charge will be calculated as the number of days remaining in the subscription period.

If the addition of an Administrator means that the organisation qualifies for a lower rate then the discount will be applied to this and any future subscriptions. Existing subscriptions will not receive a refund but will be charged the lower rate on renewal.

Subject to control by the Lead Administrator and PageTiger’s Acceptable Usage, an Administrator can create a maximum of 1,000 issues per Account in any 12-month period. There is no limit to the number of visitors viewing issues.

To change the number of Administrators included within a subscription or cancel a subscription, the Lead Administrator is required to login to the Account, select the subscription in the My Account section and use the Amend option to add Administrators, remove Administrators or cancel an entire subscription. The option to cancel will result in the subscription cancelling at the end of the subscription period and if there is no other subscription within the Account then all publications, issues, content and reporting data will be deleted. Changes, including cancellation, may only be made to a subscription at least 30 days in advance of the subscription’s next renewal date.

The Lead Administrator may add individuals as Authors. Each Author subscription gives access to the PageTiger Account via the TigerGenius interface in order to create documents from TigerKits which have been made available to them by Administrators. Where an Author requires access to multiple Accounts, including Child Accounts, within the same organisation, then only one subscription is required.

The Lead Administrator may add individuals as Analysts. Each Analyst subscription gives access to the PageTiger Account to view the reporting, management information and Visitor data. This access may be restricted to a specific Publication Group.

Where an Analyst requires access to multiple Accounts, including Child Accounts, then an additional Analyst subscription is required for each Account.

Where the Order includes Managed, Distribution, Creative or Training Services then a Service Description for each may be found online. Where authorised the Lead Administrator may purchase these Services.

Managed Services: Creation and maintenance of a Central Control Account including the setup of themes, styles and security rules to be shared with PagTiger Accounts within the Customer Group.

Distribution Services: Provision of the TigerMailer email system and/or the TigerPlayer application for installation on digital signage and kiosks.

Creative Services: Project management, content, design and technical assistance

Training Services: The education of Administrators in using PageTiger’s Hosted Services

This document gives an overview of the features available to Administrators and Authors. Features may be extended, improved or adapted.


Issues may be created by importing a PDF file and replacing content or by using PageTiger’s online system (TigerDesigner) to either: 

  • Apply a theme to a template and add pages from the layout library
  • Select an editable template design, replace content and copy pages
  • Use a custom made template, change styles, content and copy pages
  • Create a blank document

Each design is stored in the Administrator’s Account and can be saved as a template that can be shared with other Administrators or with other Accounts within the organisation from a Central Control Account. The design originator has the option to lock templates. During the design process the Administrator has options to:

  • Add and edit page elements (text, shapes, image panels)
  • Upload fonts and images (subject to PageTiger’s Terms of Service)
  • Copy, add or delete pages

The Lead Administrator may purchase Content Tokens, which can be redeemed by Administrators to access content to be used in their designs. Options may include templates with text, pictures and/or video, as well as the purchase of pictures from the TigerStock image library.

Usage of TigerStock is subject to additional conditions and if not included within the order, charges will apply. More information is available here.

Publication Management

Document designs, either from TigerDesigner, an uploaded PDF or PowerPoint file are organised within the PageTiger system as a new Publication or a new Issue of an existing Publication.

Administrators may modify the Publication Settings and these changes will apply across all issues. Administrators have the options to change: 

  • Appearance – colours, themes, sizes, fonts, background content, menus
  • Security – who can access the publication and from where
  • URL – the domain name the publication plays on (extra charges apply for the registration of a domain name and/or the set-up of a preconfigured domain allowing multiple Publications and Accounts to share the same root domain).
  • SSL certification is also available for a preconfigured domain name.

Administrators with more advanced skills may use PageTiger to create: 

  • Developer panels – use CSS and Javascript to create custom styling
  • Library API – use a tagging system to sort document types and the PageTiger API to manage libraries in website and intranet pages

PageTiger’s Creative Services may be used to deliver these advanced features.

Interactive content

Administrators may add interactive modules to pages within an issue. These modules may require the upload of additional resources such as video files and images (subject to PageTiger’s Terms of Service).

There is a maximum size of 200MB for any file uploaded into the PageTiger system.


Administrators may mark any Issue as a TigerKit, flag elements of content, including interactive elements, and share the TigerKit with specific Authors.

Administrators can share their TigerKits with selected Authors registered within their PageTiger Account.

Authors may create multiple issues from TigerKits, following the TigerGenius authoring wizard to replace those elements flagged by the Administrator who created the TigerKit.

Publication distribution

An issue may be shared by the Administrator for a limited time or published on a specific date/time.

Once published, the issued may be accessed as a website (subject to any security controls used by the Administrator). The Administrator can build an email newsletter using a template layout and selecting page images from their design.

The Administrator can design an HTML newsletter and distribute to an expected visitor list of email addresses using the TigerMailer interface. Administrators and Authors are responsible for ensuring mailing list contacts and broadcast of emails must comply with data protection and GDPR restrictions.

The TigerPlayer application can be installed on digital screens and kiosks, allowing Administrators to manage PageTiger issued displaying on each TigerPlayer installation.

Management Information

Once published, the issued may be accessed as a website (subject to any security controls used by the Administrator).

Administrators and individuals registered as Analysts may login to the PageTiger system to view and reporting data, including the email address or employee number of each Visitor where captured using security options.

The management information includes publication, issue and page visits together with responses from interactive modules created using the PageTiger system.

Reports may be viewed online and downloaded in a spreadsheet format.

PageTiger does not capture personal information other than that detailed above. Administrators may use third party tools within the interactive modules, but any data, including personal information, will be directly passed to the third party and not retained by PageTiger.

Central Control Account

Document designs and templates, together with all settings and security rules, may be shared with Accounts within the Customer Group.

Any existing Administrator may be given access to the Central Control Account subject to the approval of the PageTiger account management team.