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How we use data for marketing

Last updated 1st June 2023.

From time to time we use email marketing systems to distribute examples of documents created using PageTiger and information about features. In doing so, we endeavour to ensure that content is relevant to the audience and delivered in a timely manner. 


Each activity focuses on a specific use case and is sent to business email addresses of contacts who we believe have a legitimate interest based on the recipient’s job function and/or responsibilities. 

Marketing messages are broadcast on a timely basis and scheduled based on the recipient’s geographical location. 

Data Sourcing

We purchase data from third party suppliers. The data is only used for marketing purposes and we tie the seller into a contract which confirms the reliability of the list. We delete any irrelevant or excessive personal information. 

We only distribute marketing messages to business email addresses. 

Data Management

We screen the names on bought-in lists against our own list of people who say they don’t want our calls (block list) and we include an unsubscribe option to be removed from our mailing database and each is added to our block list. 

We have procedures for dealing with inaccuracies and complaints, we tell people where we obtained their details (on request) and we provide people with a privacy notice. 

When marketing, we include our company name, address and telephone number in the content.