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Service Level Agreement

This "SLA" forms part of PageTiger's Terms of Services and applies to all Hosted Services delivered to PageTiger Customers. The issuance of PageTiger Credits (defined below) is the sole and exclusive remedy of Customer and PageTiger sole and exclusive obligation, for any failure by PageTiger or PageTiger suppliers to satisfy the requirements set forth in the SLA. Definitions

In this agreement the following expressions shall have the following meanings:

"Claimed Outage" means the period (measured in minutes) during which Customer claims a Loss of Service during a Measurement Period as reported using the Approved Procedure.

"Excluded Minutes" means the period of any outage measured in minutes due to the exclusions set forth in the SLA Credit Exclusion in the Measurement Period.

"Measurement Period" means the relevant Initial Term or Renewal Term.

"Qualifying Outage Minutes" mean the aggregate of all minutes of a Verified Outage during a Measurement Period, minus any Excluded Minutes in that Measurement Period.

"Services" means the services ordered by Customer and accepted by PageTiger as provided in the Conditions if Supply.

"Loss of Services" means the Customer’s inability to connect to documents providing the Services to access either (i) the PageTiger Administration Portal website including TigerDesigner and TigerTracker or (ii) the PageTiger Viewing Interface to access published documents.

"Verified Outage" means a Claimed Outage for a particular Service that has been verified by PageTiger using its monitoring logs of accessibility of the PageTiger data centres or any of the Services.

"Lead Administrator" means the individual whose email address has been used in the creation of a the PageTiger Account reporting the Outage.

Services Commitments

PageTiger Administrator Portal:

PageTiger will use reasonable efforts to provide a service level of 99.9% for the Administrator Portal.

PageTiger Viewing Interface:

PageTiger will use reasonable efforts to provide a service level of 99.9% for the Viewing Interface.

To claim a credit the Customer shall follow the Approved Procedure within seven (7) days of the end of the Claimed Outage. The claim will be reviewed by PageTiger, any credit for Verified Outages ("SLA Credits") shall be issued as provided below.

SLA Credits

For each 180 continuous minute period of Qualifying Outage Minutes for a Service in a Measurement Period, PageTiger shall provide a SLA Credit of 0.5% of one instalment of the subscription charge (for annual subscriptions), and 3% of one instalment of the subscription charge (for monthly subscriptions), for the relevant Service which was subject to the Loss of Service during the Measurement Period.

Any period of Qualifying Outage Minutes for a Service which is less than 180 continuous minutes shall not be eligible for an award of SLA Credits.

The Customer cannot combine alleged Claimed Outages for different Services (such as PageTiger Administration Portal and PageTiger Viewing Interface) to meet this calculation.

Approved Procedure

The Customer is eligible to receive SLA Credit, subject to the following process:

- The Lead Administrator will report a Claimed Outage by opening a support ticket on the PageTiger website. The ticket must include Service type, dates and times, error messages received (if any), contact information, and full description of the interruption of Service including logs, if applicable.

- PageTiger will review Claimed Outages against Verified Outages.

- PageTiger’s determination of SLA Credits is final.

- The Customer agrees to pay all invoices in full while a Claimed Outage is being reviewed or SLA Credit is being determined.

PageTiger will communicate the SLA Credits to Customer through PageTiger accounting and the ticket will be updated provided that, the SLA Credit may not be used to reduce the payments due in a Renewal Term below zero. PageTiger will apply the SLA Credits to the Customer’s future invoices for the relevant Services subject to PageTiger's standard policies.

Ineligible Customers

Customers who at the time of the report of the Claimed Outage have an outstanding overdue balance on their PageTiger Account for the Services do not qualify for SLA Credits for such Claimed Outages. In addition, Customers who have not paid their invoices when due for the Services three or more times in the previous twelve calendar months do not qualify for SLA Credits.

SLA Credit Redemption

SLA Credits may be used solely for future payments due for the particular Service. The SLA Credits may not be sold or transferred to other parties. SLA Credits may not be used until any Customer violations of the Conditions of Supply are resolved to PageTiger's reasonable satisfaction. Any Customer making false or duplicative claims for Claimed Outages will incur a one-time charge of £50 per incident for such claims. False or duplicative claims are also a violation of the Conditions if Supply and may, in PageTiger's sole discretion, result in a suspension of Services. SLA Credits shall expire on the termination or expiration of the Customer's PageTiger subscription.

SLA Credit Exclusion

Service Level Credits do not apply for periods during which the Services are not available for the following reasons:

- PageTiger or its third party service providers performing system upgrades, enhancements and routine maintenance activities which are announced on the PageTiger Administration Portal no less than two days in advance.

- Customer use of the Services or any Customer End User’s use of the Customer Offering in violation of the Conditions of Supply.

- Issues relating to Customer Content.

- Problems with Customer’s access to Internet.

- Events described in the Force Majeure provision.

- Suspension of Customer’s access to the Services as provided in the Conditions of Supply.

- Problems arising from Customer or any Third Party’s code added to any Publication by the Customer.

Changes to this Service Level Agreement

Page Tiger Limited may change this Service Level Agreement by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes.

This Policy was last updated on 21 November 2021