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Service Description for the supply of Support Services

In order to use PageTiger, the Customer must subscribe to a Service Charge subscription. The annual charge includes the creation of the Customer’s Central Control Account with the creation and updating of settings that are shared to all Accounts within the Account Group. These settings include:
  • Creation and updating of one brand theme to be applied to layout library and TigerMailer designs
  • Creation and updating of a set of styles with multiple options
  • Creation and updating of a set of security rules with multiple options
  • Creation of a master menu
  • Setup of a Preconfigured Custom Domain Name
  • Setup of single sign-on to control Visitor access to documents
  • Setup of single sign-on to control User access to the administration area

The Service Charge also includes user support delivered online and through the PageTiger support ticketing systems with Chatbot service available during normal working hours (UK).

Additional Service Descriptions apply to: 

  • Hosted Services
  • Distribution Services
  • Professional Services
  • Training Services