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Service Description for the provision of Training

PageTiger provides training to PageTiger Customers and registered Administrators. The training may be delivered in classroom sessions or online and held for either mixed groups or specific organisations.

Attendance requires the Administrator to have registered with TigerPrime and to be in possession of a TigerPrime membership number.

Ordering process

The Lead Administrator may order Training Tokens, which may be redeemed by the Lead Administrator against training classes. Unless otherwise stated, one Training Token is required for each Administrator to attend each class.

No refunds are made once a Training Token has been purchased.

Where custom training is purchased, PageTiger will make additional charges for any reasonable expenses, including travel and accommodation once event details are confirmed.

Course booking process

The Training Token may be redeemed by any Administrator authorised by the Lead Administrator against a corresponding training event.

PageTiger will provide a list of available dates and the student will be invited to make an online booking for a specific event and will be required to enter their TigerPrime membership number.

The course booking must be made within 12 months of the purchase unless otherwise agreed by PageTiger in writing.

Once a booking has been confirmed the course facilitator will provide all information required by the student in order to attend the event.


For TigerClass Live! workshops PageTiger will provide computer hardware. For online sessions the student will be required to have a computer with reliable internet access and will be required to install third-party software in order to be able to share their computer screen with the course facilitator. It is recommended that the ability to add such software be checked before purchasing online training. 


A course booking may be cancelled provided the student gives at least seven days notice in writing to PageTiger and in such a case the Training Token may be redeemed against an alternative date.

Where a course booking is cancelled during the five working days prior to the event then PageTiger will endeavour to find an alternative customer to attend in which case the training service voucher may be used against an alternative event. Where an alternative customer cannot be found the TrainingToken will be cancelled. 

PageTiger reserves the right to cancel a course or part of a course at any time and will attempt to reschedule the event.


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