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Elevate your employee experience

Create interactive documents to impress, educate and engage your workforce and new hires.

Creating your own interactive documents

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Employee Learning

We’ve created a brand to demonstrate how PageTiger is being used to create better employee learning experiences.
Featuring a parcel delivery company, we’ve focused on key challenges faced by today’s L&D teams and why PageTiger is the perfect solution.

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New Joiner Journey

Extending from first interview to first day, the personal digital experience impresses candidates, increasing acceptance rates and sets a high standard from the very start. It streamlines the process and saves time for both the employer and the employee.

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Digital Learning

Whether creating a single learning piece or an entire training programme, PageTiger provides a simple solution that makes digital learning more engaging, more effective, more consistent and more compliant.

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Rapid Response Training

Sometimes it’s essential to educate employees quickly and check their understanding to prevent damage to the business. With PageTiger you create learning modules and know in minutes which employees have completed their training.

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Information Efficiency

With so many internal locations and systems to search, it can be difficult and time-consuming for employees to quickly find information.

Then, when they do, there’s a good chance that it’s the wrong version or the content is out of date. In busy roles, trawling folders of irrelevant files is frustrating and avoidable.

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Employee Resources Hub

Using PageTiger, HR teams create a central resource hub. Employees can instantly access all relevant HR resources, compliance information and learning material from a simple menu. And when new documents are published they automatically appear on the menu – although people will only see those documents relevant to their role. Not only does the hub save so much time, it’s easier to manage and gives a much better employee experience.

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Elevate your employee experience

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Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Housewares retailer Hatters has been created to demonstrate how HR teams have used PageTiger to communicate information to employees.
Not only is content more engaging, but every document is fully accessible, making Hatters totally inclusive.

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Accessibility Compliance

Accessibility guidelines (WCAG) sets the standards for how online content must be accessible to those with disabilities. It means that all digital material must be fully accessible, not only to comply with the WCAG standards, but also ensure inclusivity across the workforce.

And the consequences for not complying can be severe.

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Wellbeing at Work

Company cultures are changing as organizations move to showing that they care about the health and happiness of their staff.

Using PageTiger, Hatters have created digital documents to communicate that culture with their workforce and train line managers on supporting employees’ physical and mental wellbeing.

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Making your employee communications compliant

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Why use PageTiger?

Five reasons global organizations have chosen PageTiger to elevate their employee experience.

  • PageTiger is a one-stop solution
  • PageTiger documents look awesome
  • Access to documents is restricted to employees
  • Documents meet digital accessibility standards
  • Using PageTiger requires no design or coding skills
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