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Design Digital Documents

Engage, inform and educate employees, customers and suppliers.

A simple design suite for creating pages, adding interactive tests and assessments with AI-generated content then use analytics to gauge engagement. Make stunning packs and presentations that are secure, compliant and extremely effective.

The simple solution for creating digital content

Use our intuitive design tool to create stunning documents compliant with your brand guidelines, and include interactive elements such as videos, quizzes and charts.


Keep data safe and secure

Choose from a range of security levels, from password protection to single sign-on, to ensure your documents are kept safe, secure and available to your chosen audience.

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Distribute with ease

Distribute your documents in a way that suits you, from a simple weblink or embedded document, to our email marketing tool TigerMailer.

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Learn about your audience with analytics

Track visits, views and reader interactions and gain an invaluable level of insight into your audience with our analytics suite.

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