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Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could track who was engaging with your content in real time? With TigerInsight, now you can!

Our in-depth reporting system records every single click and page view, right down to the individual user. Understand the impact your document is having, gather test results and monitor reader engagement. With TigerInsight, it’s simple.

Real-time reporting

With TigerInsight, it’s easy to see who’s visiting your content. Monitor page views, survey results, and even how long visitors spend reading your content, all in real time.

With the option to track visitors by email address or employee number, our analytics provide the intelligence to identity each and every reader.
PageTiger offers the highest level of security controls, tried and trusted by financial institutions, legal services and government departments alike. Our security settings are customisable to suit every kind of content, from external marketing to highly sensitive internal content.

Monitor engagement

From health and safety training to policy updates, it’s essential to have a clear audit trail showing who has read important content. With TigerInsight, it’s easy to see who hasn’t viewed content when they should have.

Simply input your list of expected visitors, either by adding their individual email addresses or uploading a spreadsheet. Hone your results by choosing to add one list for your entire organisation, or create individual lists by department or region.

Pass mark recording

Include surveys, quizzes and polls throughout your content to create a fun and engaging eLearning experience. Then, reward colleagues who score correctly with custom badges and personalised certificates.

Even better, you can create a seamless progressive learning experience by linking together modules so completing one section unlocks the next. And of course, with TigerInsight, every quiz result, poll answer and survey score is recorded.

Powerful performance management

TigerInsight can empower you to create a slick, professional and impactful performance management tool — no more long-winded checklists or random bits of paper.

Interactivity boosts engagement, leading to a more satisfying feedback process, while analytics enable managers to gauge performance and compare feedback over time. All information — including reporting — is neatly contained within one intuitive system, meaning it’s a fantastic solution for line managers.

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Absolutely! Forget complicated graphs and incomprehensible spreadsheets, PageTiger’s analytics suite is easy to navigate and generates clear, helpful reports. Track who has viewed your content, right down to specific page views and individual clicks, then easily download this information to share with stakeholders and management.
Yes, you can! With the option to track visitors by email address or employee/depot/branch number, our analytics provide the intelligence to identity each and every reader. Even better, you can actually lock down content so that only certain individuals, organisations or colleagues can view it!
With TigerInsight, it’s simple to customise security settings to suit your content. Sensitive internal documents can be locked by IP address or single sign-on to ensure they can only be accessed by colleagues from within your offices. Onboarding packs can be restricted to only be viewed by a specific new starter, while job adverts can be set to public access to ensure maximum search engine optimisation. Whatever your content, there’s a security setting to suit you.
There are three types of PageTiger user: Administrators, Authors and Analysts. All three have full access to our analytics suite, however, while Administrators and Analysts can view reporting information for all publications in an account, Authors are restricted so they can only view analytics for the content they have personally created.
Yes absolutely! Add fun interactive elements like quizzes, polls and surveys to test your colleagues’ knowledge, then track their responses in the reporting suite. You can even generate personalised certificates and bespoke badges upon completion of a module for a truly engaging eLearning experience.
Yes you can! The analytics suite has intuitive filters so you can drill down on page views for a specific day or date range. Combine this with our handy expected visitors’ feature, which enables you to track who has viewed your content from a pre-set list of email addresses. Choose to upload a list for your entire organisation or create individual lists by department or region.

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