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Impressive Digital Job Offers

Excite New Recruits

Impress prospective employees

The job offer is one of the first pieces of information that a new hire receives, and first impressions set company standards high.
It is essential to impress the recruit, making your job offer stand out from other offers.

Traditional job offers require time and effort

Previously offers would have been printed or numerous PDF attachments sent through email, lacking human touch and wasting an excessive amount of paper.
The PageTiger document covers this, saving HR departments time, simplifying the process, and impressing recruits.

Save time and money

PageTiger documents create a seamless experience that includes everything in one document. Content is laid out easily with interactive elements to ensure maximum engagement. PageTiger documents strengthen your prospective employee's decisions so that they are more likely to accept the offer.

The candidate can view:
• A personalised offer with a warm welcome.
• The contract of employment can be viewed, digitally signed, and downloaded within the document itself.
• A breakdown of the company paygrades and expectations.
• Benefits of the role are embedded.
• Rating each benefit on importance.
• Once the final survey is completed, the pack unlocks and links to an orientation guide, preparing the prospective employee for their first day.

The recruiter can view:
• Track when the prospective employee opens the job offer.
• Receive a notification when the contract has been digitally signed.
• Each click is recorded for analytical purposes.
• Review the entire recruitment process and feedback from the prospective employee.
• Use the feedback to improve future employment packs.

How to transform your job offer process

The employer simply logs in and chooses the appropriate pack from an entire library, each relevant to a specific role.
Using this concept as a basis for your own job offer packs. Adding and extending sections, pages, and content to meet business needs.

This can be created simply and quickly, without the need for IT skills using templates, including everything from welcome videos to personalised documents.
An entire pack can be generated in seconds and sent by email to the prospective employee. The restriction settings enable the pack not to be shared on social media or copied once accessed.

With everything in one place, it’s simple to understand and accept the offer online.

Using PageTiger saves time, cost and preserves confidentiality

With a click of one button, there is no need to download any app or other software.

• Settings are controlled from an online platform and shared with teams.
• Design pages are locked to your branding to ensure consistency.
• Specific content is locked to ensure compliance.

The time saved is financially beneficial and avoids the need to rearrange other employees' work schedules.

Featured example

Click the link below to open Leah’s Job Offer Pack and experience it yourself or watch the webinar recording to see how it’s all been done.

To protect the privacy of PageTiger customers, we don’t share any of their content so Leah and her Parcelwave employer have been created to demonstrate how PageTiger is used.