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Be inspired by what you can create and the impact it will have by some of the examples below.

Employee Communications

Create a joined-up employee communication journey through online learning material, appraisals and personal development.

Make employee engagement more effective and use analytics to track understanding and compliance.

Click on these examples from FinerFood Stores to see it in action.

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Onboard New Hires

Extending from first interview to first day, the personal digital experience impresses candidates, increasing acceptance rates and sets a high standard from the very start.

It streamlines the process and saves time for both the employer and the employee.

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Customer Communications

PageTiger will make your sales teams more effective, more efficient and more successful.

Sales agents can personalise presentation decks and documents in seconds, and get real time notifications when their customer views specific content or requests a quote.

Company Betamota have used PageTiger to drive sales of their EV-Sprint to fleet managers. Click on these links to see why they’ve been so successful.

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Build a PageTiger SmartHub™

Bring all your HR and learning information into one place, and set rules in place of who can view which documents.

It’s a better experience and saves so much time.

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Supplier Communications

From selection and onboarding through to ensuring suppliers understand changes in processes and remain compliant, see how fashion brand Gino Danieli have made their supplier management process slick and efficient.

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Create Digital Learning

Sometimes it’s essential to educate employees quickly and check their understanding to prevent damage to the business.

With PageTiger you create learning modules and know in minutes which employees have completed their training.

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Stakeholder Communications

Using PageTiger, Citylife Bank have moved from traditional printed documents to digital versions and used interactive elements to transform content. Real time analytics has helped them see increases in engagement across their entire stakeholder base.

These four examples show the impact it has had.

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Drive Diversity & Inclusion

One of the most talked about topics of 2023 is establishing diversity and inclusivity across the workplace.

Book a call with one of our team to see how organizations use PageTiger to support their DE&I strategies.

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Central and Local Government

Governments, county councils and local authorities have all embraced PageTiger.

Take a look at these examples from the fictitious Shrimpton Council to experience how the UK public sector are transforming how they create interactive digital documents.

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The National Health Service

Shrimpton Hospital demonstrates how many Trusts have adopted PageTiger to replace printed material by creating digital documents.

Take a look at the examples then see how NHS templates can be transformed to your branding with a single click.

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