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Featured example: employment offer

Employee engagement begins before day one, so welcome your new starters in style with an interactive job offer pack.

A creative way to onboard

Candidate drop-off is time-consuming and expensive. To reduce churn, employers are being more creative in how they onboard new starters.

Acting quickly has long been an unwritten rule of recruitment but the move to email offers has often had a negative effect. An impersonal approach combined with a myriad of documents to download, print and sign puts the burden on the recruit and does not create a strong first impression.

Reverting to postal offers is an option, but can be time-consuming, expensive and, sometimes, unreliable.

The digital offer is clearly the best route, and simplifying the process makes it efficient and engaging. Most of all, this online approach increases acceptance rates.

Your digital offer pack needs to appeal to the candidate, while providing the employer with the information and insight they require.

It can also improve efficiency by preparing the new employee for their first day in advance, and providing real-time feedback to help the employer develop their recruitment processes.

Making job offers. Better.

PageTiger provides unique software for creating interactive employment offers. You don‘t need coding or design skills to make something truly engaging.

Over 600 organisations already use PageTiger, from lean businesses to global giants. With a five-star rating from our users, PageTiger is the jewel in the crown for HR teams in many of the world‘s biggest brands.

Not only does using the system increase acceptance rates by improving engagement, it also streamlines the recruitment process and conveys key brand messages before day one.

Business Solution

Allow your HR team to create unlimited job offer packs. With no technical skills they can choose templates from a library with each page automatically locked to brand guidelines.

Once issued, they can access in-depth analytics to track each candidate‘s engagement, response and acceptance.

Having mastered their first project, there is a huge range of free templates to use or they can create bespoke documents from scratch.

PageTiger makes it simple.

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10 top tips

  • Stand out from other potential employers by impressing the candidate
  • Personalise the offer content to make the candidate feel special
  • Keep information clear and concise to be engaging and useful
  • Make content relevant, with details about the role and department
  • Make it easy to navigate to specific sections
  • Restrict access so only the candidate can view their personalised offer
  • Use online confirmation to make it easy for the candidate to accept the role
  • Track page views and responses to understand the candidate’s motivators
  • On acceptance, unlock additional content to reward the new recruit
  • Prepare the employee for their first day with pre-joining learning material

Corporate solution

For international teams

Rolling the recruitment process out to multiple departments and regions is simple and allows users to control the consistency of message and security of information. The three-tier process (outlined below) enables the organisation to create a master template before allowing regional offices to customise content for their territory or department, while recruiters then personalise for an individual.

    Create the employment offer pack, locking the design and specific content before managing who can view content.
    Regionalise content for a department or country with content relevant for the new starter.
    Personalise offers for individual candidates, adding role details, plus benefits, contract and joining information.
Speeds up our recruitment process and improves candidate engagement.
Nelson C.

Nelson C.

Talent Acquisition Coordinator