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What is PageTiger?

PageTiger is a system that allows you to make amazing interactive content, such as documents and presentations. You can create, publish and track, all within one simple system. It’s cloud-based, so there’s no need to download any software.

Every document is locked to your brand guidelines

You can restrict who can view specific documents

Documents can be edited or hidden after being shared

See who has viewed each page and capture responses


To start using PageTiger, you have the option of selecting a ready-made template and pages automatically set to your brand guidelines. Add your own words, pictures and video, then make any element interactive.

Choose from a varied list of options including tests, links, surveys and downloads or embed content from websites or an intranet. And if you're a trained designer or feeling ambitious, use an editable template or make your own document from scratch. Learn more >


Allowing everyone to create interactive documents but with the power to lock any element, TigerGenius is a world first in how organisations are empowering employees whilst protecting their brand and messages.

Administrators use TigerDesign to create TigerKits to be shared with Authors. Using the TigerGenius wizard, Authors can replace the words, pictures, video and interactivity unlocked by the originator. Learn more >


Now your content is online, you’ll want to see who is viewing it. PageTiger can tell you more than that. Our in-depth reporting system will track every single click and page view, right down to the individual user. You’ll be able to accurately assess the impact your document is having.

Concerned about security? Don’t be. PageTiger offers the highest level of security controls, suitable for even highly sensitive content. Tried and trusted by financial institutions, legal services and government departments. Learn more >

PageTiger Creative

If you’re short on resource then turn to our in-house creative agency. Whether it’s building a TigerKit from existing content or planning an entire project from concept to completion, the creative team are expert at creating effective digital content.

With transparent pricing fixed on a set daily rate, using the creative team is a cost effective option, delivering your projects on time and on budget. Learn more >

Develop skills with TigerPrime

Learn. Develop. Share.

The TigerPrime website includes everything you need to create amazing interactive publications. Membership is free to all PageTiger Administrators, and allows you to book onto our classes, events and workshops.

As a new Administrator you'll be asked to complete a questionnaire in order to provide you with the tools to achieve your goals.
Learn more >

Frequently asked questions

There are three levels of user:
Administrators have unlimited access to design documents share with Authors through TigerGenius and access TigerInsight to view reporting.
Authors can make unlimited documents from TigerKits and view reporting.
Analysts only have access to TigerInsight.
As an Administrator, you can make as many documents as you wish. Every presentation, document and publication can be made, stored and tracked using PageTiger with your templates and TigerKits made available to Authors.
Yes. Corporate customers can access PageTiger for a limited period. To support the decision process, each is provided with a branded layout library, example TigerKit and logins for both Administrators and Authors.
PageTiger uses multiple dedicated servers in two data centres within the UK and undergoes regular stress and penetration tests of both the main and disaster recovery servers.
Yes. Administrators can apply reader permissions to each document. Options include restricting access to specific individuals and integrating with your existing single sign on system.
Often working with a single department, PageTiger work with the business to build interactive documents for specific projects before making on-brand templates and TigerKits to be use by other divisions and offices.

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