Introducing TigerGenius

TigerGenius is the clever and simple new way to share content across an organisation without losing control of your brand and key messages.

From customer presentations to colleague onboarding packs, TigerGenius empowers departments to create and customise engaging digital publications.

What are TigerKits?

Whether it’s a presentation, handbook or magazine, any PageTiger content can be saved as a TigerKit. This handy feature bundles every element of your publication, from imagery and words right through to security settings, into an easily customisable kit.

Once created, any part of the kit can be locked before being passed on to Authors, ensuring total brand consistency. Authors then make prescribed changes to create their own bespoke versions. For example, a newsletter could be customised with stories relevant to different regions, departments, or divisions of an organisation.

How do I create a TigerKit?

Use our free template library, create your own content with our easy-to-use design software, or ask our award-winning creative agency to do it all for you. Whatever option you go for, creating a TigerKit couldn’t be simpler!
PageTiger offers almost endless possibilities for digital communications, and whatever your content, it will work perfectly as a TigerKit. Be inspired by some of our favourite kit ideas below!

  • Learning portal
  • Onboarding pack
  • Customer presentation
  • Company newsletter
  • Policy pack
  • Company intranet
  • First day guide
  • Job advert

About Authors

As an Author, you can create customised interactive content with just a few clicks! So, how does it work?

An Administrator will share a TigerKit with you, having first locked down the design so that only certain elements are editable. Then, you simply log into TigerGenius, select the TigerKit from your
library and start customising! It’s the easy way to create bespoke interactive content, while retaining brand consistency across
your organisation.

The Authoring Wizard

With TigerGenius, you can create amazing interactive publications with no training or specialist skills!

Authors use our intuitive design wizard to work through the kit, replacing words, dropping in pictures and updating interactivity. A preview of each page updates automatically to show your progress and when it’s completed, you simply save and share. It really is
that easy!

Analytics made easy

Now your content is online, you’ll want to see who is viewing it. PageTiger can tell you more than that.

Our in-depth reporting system will track every single click and page view, right down to the individual user. You’ll be able to accurately assess the impact your content is having and track everything from page views to quiz results.

Have a question?

No! The incredible TigerGenius system is completely free to use for any account with Authors. To enjoy the many benefits of TigerGenius all you need to do is set-up your Author licences. Each Author is charged an annual subscription with the cost based on the total number of licenses across the organisation. Find out more here.
Administrators create amazing digital content, either doing it themselves with our template library, or by working with our award-winning creative team. This content is then packaged as a TigerKit and shared with Authors.
Using TigerGenius, Authors can create bespoke versions of the content by making only prescribed changes that Administrators have allowed. Both Administrators and Authors can access reporting information, but only Administrators can use TigerDesigner to alter the design, build interactivity or create brand new templates.
The groundbreaking TigerGenius system allows Authors to create unlimited interactive publications. There are no additional costs linked to how much content you create, and there’s no limit to how many publications you can have live at one time.
Authors use our intuitive design wizard to create impressive digital content without the need for training or design skills! Simply follow the easy step-by-step instructions to create amazing online communications in just a few clicks.
If your organisation is looking to roll out TigerGenius with multiple Author and Administrator subscriptions, you may be interested in our corporate training days. These are bespoke learning workshops, where the Tiger team will visit you onsite and tailor the training to your exact requirements. Find out more here.
TigerGenius allows you to create a central library of interactive templates. Created in your company branding, these templates can be used throughout your entire organisation to ensure total consistency across all internal and external communications!
Absolutely. PageTiger offers the highest level of security controls with settings customisable to suit every kind of content, from external marketing material to highly sensitive internal communications. With TigerGenius, you can bundle all security settings in with your TigerKit, ensuring content remains secure as it’s used across your organisation.

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