Say goodbye to boring company comms

Give your corporate communications the wow factor!

When done well, company communications such as magazines, newsletters and e-bulletins are a fantastic way to engage and update colleagues. But with busy work schedules corporate communications too often languish at the bottom of inboxes.

So how do you cut through the noise to create content that your colleagues actually want to read? Check out our example of an innovative company magazine before reading our top tips below.

1. Less is more

Colleagues will only have limited time to read your content, so you need to get your message across as clearly and succinctly as possible. As a rule, keep any document to a maximum of 10 pages and always place your most important messages early on to guarantee your colleagues read them.

2. Be visual

Think of successful consumer magazines: one thing they all have in common is strong imagery. Photography, infographics and icons all make your content more visually appealing and create an enjoyable reading experience. Consider ways you can bring more imagery in: if you don’t have a company image library, try including colleague photos, pictures of recent events, or stock imagery.

3. Use interactivity

Gamification is the buzzword of the moment, and there are easy ways to incorporate game-like elements into your content. The key takeaway from gamification is that colleagues will learn and retain more information from activities they find fun, so the trick is to make your content as engaging as possible. The PageTiger software helps you bring your comms to life by adding interactive elements such as videos, quizzes and polls. Not only does this create a fun reading experience, it also provides a range of new ways to convey information.

4. Create strong calls to action

People like to know there’s a clear purpose to what they’re doing. Generally speaking, the aim of any company communication is to get your colleagues to do something. Make this purpose clear by including strong calls to action. Buttons linking off to relevant action points, such as booking pages and online resources, are a really effective way to achieve this. Even better, with PageTiger’s reporting suite, you’ll know exactly who’s clicked on what, so you can start to make decisions informed by analytics.

5. Seek input

The key to a successful communication is to tailor it to your audience. What better way to do this than by getting input? Ask your colleagues for feedback. What do they enjoy about your content and what do they think could be improved? What subjects would they like to read about? What is the best way to share your communications with them? Including feedback surveys within your communication is a fantastic way to garner insight into your audience.


Want even more inspiration? See our sample company magazine for a best practice example.


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