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Bouncing Back
What you have missed so far

Reading time: 5 minutes

Here at PageTiger, we along with the rest of the UK, have been keeping a close eye on the government’s re-opening roadmap. Our Bounce Back campaign was introduced to run parallel to the different stages of the roadmap and provide valuable guidance and insight along the way. The programme has seen a record number of sign-ups as we got a first-hand account of the immense amount of interest in our path back to normality.

With the next stage of the roadmap less than 20 days away we thought we would look back at what has happened in the programme so far. Firstly, setting the programme aside, special mention should be given to those in charge of the vaccine rollout programme as they have done an exceptional job. They are now asking members of the public aged 42 and over to sign-up and should be inviting the over-30s within the next week or two. Exemplary work all-around!

Going back to the pack, it provided many great ideas to get businesses back on track and inspiration to create a feel-good factor. Excellent examples were provided on how to communicate changes and inform members of staff what new facilities and faces they could expect upon their return.

Before we knew it, we were onto week 2 of the program and the next issue published and released to our passionate audience base. “Alleviating Anxiety” was the focus of the issue and ‘helped customers and staff manage social anxiety and adjust to the re-opening of businesses’. The focus was placed on what to look out for when spotting the physical, emotional, and mental signs of anxiety. We even provided readers with an assessment to deem whether they themselves were in fact suffering from any of the symptoms.

This edition also saw the introduction of special guest interviews that moving forward would be featured throughout the series. First up was fitness trainer, psychologist, and doting mother, the extraordinary Eliza Flynn. Eliza gave an insightful look into ways to alleviate anxiety and stress through physical movements and this really was a must-watch moment of the series!

The brilliant line-up of guests did not stop there though, as next up we had Human Givens Psychotherapist Lee Pycroft. Lee provided some much-needed insight into how one can avoid falling into the trap where challenges become personal, pervasive, and permanent. She gave some insight into being a Human Givens Psychotherapist, which is a type of therapy that uses practical solutions for emotional distress. This was insightful and very relevant for the challenges so many of us are having to overcome.

Finally, in these last few days, we saw the release of the latest document in the programme “Personal Priorities”. Without giving too much away, this is one you really do not want to miss. It features a special guest appearance from Maia Honan, Managing Partner at UK Marketing Agency Positive.

Please don’t forget that on the 11th of May, PageTiger CEO Henry Weston, will be showing how these packs have been made and explaining how you can do the same.

Use the following link to sign up.

We really hope that everyone has enjoyed the programme so far and with 9 weeks still to go, there is so much more in store!