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How to capture attention
& increase engagement in 3 steps

Reading time: 5–8 minutes

Employee engagement is referred to by the National Institute for Health Research as a psychological state experienced by employees. This state of mind can affect every aspect of their job and often determine the level of success experienced both for the employee and employer. The success of a company is often determined by how engaged your employees are.

What’s startling though is that in a study published by Gallup in 2017, they found that only 15% of those in full-time employment are ‘engaged’ at work. ‘Engaged’ was defined by Gallup as being “highly involved in and enthusiastic about their work and workplace”.

Senior management and those in C-suite positions are certainly aware of its importance. Josh Bersin for Deloitte noted that at least 85% of business leaders globally believe engagement is important. Having engaged employees is critical for retaining valuable talent and those who are constantly engaged are more likely to be productive on a consistent basis according to socialchorus.

With all that in mind, how do you keep all members of your organization engaged? There are a variety of ways to do this, we have identified 3 that we believe are the most important.

1. Provide training and dedicate time to upskilling

Employers are hesitant with training and upskilling new employees, due to the frequency of job-hopping found in today’s climate. They fear that these investments will often prove futile and are therefore more concerned with investing in procedures or equipment. Professional human resources membership association SHRM, recently noted that investing in training and upskilling employees can in fact build loyalty and engagement and is a great attraction for new talent.

It is imperative to create a culture that promotes self-growth and continuous improvement. This prevents your organization from resting on its laurels and creates an environment where success is a common goal both individually and for the organization.

2. Stay in constant communication and provide a feedback loop

Every organization seeks feedback from its employees. Its seen as one of the easiest ways to realise what is happening ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’. With the technology available today there is simply no excuse to not be in contact with your employees and getting their feedback. That is only half the equation though, if you do not act on the information you are receiving then it is basically worthless.

CIPHR reiterated this remarking that all your feedback and communication tools will have no impact if the leaders within your organization don’t give merit to the opinions being expressed and don’t respond to these views. SHRM stated how “at Whole Foods, entire teams get a say in whether to hire new at the end of their probationary period”. These employees are made to feel that their opinion counts and feel empowered by this.

3. Inspire others through recognising hard work

Everyone wants to be validated when they feel they have done a good job. They want to feel proud of the work they have put in and feel supported amongst their peers. When you are recognized for your efforts then you will try to earn that recognition again. Recognition improves morale and adds to a constructive and upbeat working environment.

Recognition can take the shape of many different forms in an organization. At Yum!Brands, the parent company of Taco Bell, KFC and many other restaurants, recognition is a company-wide priority and the awards given out to employees depend on the location and culture of where the employee is based. People respond to being appreciated and it is an easy way to increase engagement levels.

How can PageTiger be used?

Here at PageTiger, our software has proven to be the differential in increasing engagement levels. Our digital documents have added interactivity that allows the reader to watch videos and use charts and graphs all within the document. Training modules can be created quickly and efficiently with badges awarded for completion and the document creator can gather valuable feedback through polls and quizzes.

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