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Simply Sell More

Improve the Sales Process

PageTiger is software for creating interactive digital documents. PageTiger saves time and gives more confidence to make your Sales pitches, Better.

These three documents help streamline the sales process. The Product Training, Pitch Deck, and Commercial Proposal allow your Sales Team to be prepared for every sales meeting.

Make your sales pitches stand out and seal the deal.

Product Training Pack

Training is made simple and in your control.

Allow each team member access to the training kit so they understand every new product released. The document can include mandatory settings, so it has to be completed by your team before they receive access to other documents.

The inclusion of tests and polls allows you to track the interaction from your team, so you can be ensured that all members have completed the training.

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Sales Deck

A presentation with a punch.

The sales deck includes charts, graphs, and videos, allowing you to pitch the right way. After the pitch, you can send the presentation to potential clients and view their interaction further.

PageTiger shows precise analytics and controls who can see the document, so it cannot fall into competitors' hands.

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Commercial Proposal

The proposal outlining all the logistics and finer details to seal the deal.

With restricted access, only the people you want to see it can. This document is essential for any Sales meeting to help both sides understand the offer on the table.

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Create your own or use a Kit

Create a kit to maintain consistency.

As part of PageTiger, TigerKits allows you to create a kit that limits the amount a team can edit or change. This allows branding and content to remain consistent. Image and text placeholders allow some personalisation without changing the whole style of the document.

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