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New Hire Orientation

Get recruits up to speed quickly

Create an engaging and effective experience

The traditional long, drawn out, boring induction is quickly becoming a thing of the past. And it’s being replaced by cool, immersive experiences saving time for both recruit and employer.

Meet Leah. Leah is nineteen years old and has accepted a job with parcel delivery company Parcelwave. It’s only a temporary role, but the work will help fund her college costs. And for Parcelwave, Leah will provide extra help for peak season.

With only an eight-week contract, there’s even more reason to get Leah and the many other recruits trained up quickly. Neither they nor the company want to spend the first week going through an induction programme.

But Parcelwave use PageTiger so the supervisor simply logs in and chooses the appropriate pack. There’s an entire library of packs, each relevant to a specific role and location. Having the choice means the content is totally relevant to Leah. Again, saving time!

Leah is never far from her cellphone and when her interactive pack drops into her inbox she’s really impressed. It’s not the typical selection of PDF’s and attachments and forms. Instead, it’s a digital document packed with immersive content.

Firstly, it’s easy to access. There’s no need to install any app or software. For Leah, it’s just a link and a click.

And the pack itself is totally personalised for Leah and everything is relevant to her role. Even the cover has a picture of her new manager with a personal message welcoming her to the team.

There’s a video – but that’s kept short. No long dull corporate messaging. And subtitles mean that wherever she’s viewing the orientation information, it’s totally accessible.

Although there’s plenty for Leah to take in, it’s an enjoyable experience that rewards her along the way. She can even order her new uniform and download her staff badge and credentials.

It’s not just Leah’s who’s impressed. The digital orientation pack benefits everyone.

When she shows up for her first day at Parcelwave, Leah will have completed the basic training, agreed to Parcelwave’s code of conduct and even received her uniform, staff badge and credentials.

She’ll be ready to hit the ground running, saving her and her colleagues so much time.

It also saved the Parcelwave HR team time. The supervisor needed know technical skills or training to follow a simple wizard, adding Leah’s details.

The entire pack was generated in seconds and a link sent to Leah by email - although access to the link to the pack was restricted. So if she wanted to share the pack or post it on social media, nobody but Leah could see it.

And behind the scenes Parcelwave teams can access useful information.

• The supervisor is tracking when Leah opens her pack
• Each click is recorded so the compliance team know Leah has accepted the code of conduct
• Leah’s uniform order is automatically emailed to the onboarding team and despatched the same day

The orientation pack is just one of many documents in Parcelwave’s library. For talent acquisition the packs include graduate information, recruitment, interview guides, job offers and staff handbooks while employee communications extend across compliance, learning and development.

With PageTiger, HR teams need no technical, design or specialist training to create packs to meet their needs.

• Settings are controlled from a global center and shared to teams
• Design pages are locked to Parcelwave branding to ensure consistency
• Specific content is also locked to ensure compliance

To find out more about PageTiger, click this link

Featured example

To protect the privacy of PageTiger customers, we don’t share any of their content so Leah and her Parcelwave employer have been created to demonstrate how PageTiger is used.

Click the link below to open Leah’s orientation pack and experience it yourself. You can also download a fact sheet and watch a webinar recording of how it’s all been done.