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4 key takeaways from #LT23UK

Reading time: 8-10 minutes

The Learning & HR Technologies Conference & Exhibition 2023 was an event to remember – a two-day showcase packed with engaging presentations, lots of good discussions and of course a flurry of cuddly Tigers on the PageTiger stand.

We’ve condensed some of the key insights and trending topics that we picked up on across the conference seminars and through various discussions, broken into 4 easily digestible takeaways.

1. On Demand Content Generation

Artificial Intelligence receives a rapidly growing interest in its potential applications within the HR and Learning profession. The big question on everybody’s mind is how we can use this new technology in a safe environment and integrate with existing tools and communication processes. One of the main topics was around how AI can be optimised as part of learning programmes and tailored employee communication, with video training being the first port of call for many companies looking to test the waters. The ability to turn keywords into high quality copy and in turn, into a script for personalised video content, which can easily be distributed by the click of a button, seemed to impress delegates when we presented our ‘soon to launch’ on demand content generator offering. 

The one thing that was clear is that there is genuine excitement to learn more and to begin using AI as a supplementary tool if it can be done in a safe environment and in a controlled way. There also seems to be a sense of urgency with not missing out and a wish to try and capitalise best possible on this new technology.

2. Remote & Hybrid Learning

Building an organisational learning culture with both hybrid and fully remote teams was a hot topic during the event. Fostering a digital-literate culture of knowledge and shared learning that supports the mission and objectives of the organisation, is an important goal for many.

The event had many international delegates in attendance, and for businesses with teams across various locations and countries, the need to have documents and communication available in different languages, and a simple way of distributing and managing access digitally, was mentioned by several.

Glenn Diedrich, Senior Vice President of Customer Operations says: “We know that providing information in a way the end user can easily understand and digest, whilst making it engaging, fun and easy is a struggle for many. Our customers experience that when employees are provided with learning that is personalised and embedded into the flow of work, engagement rates go up”.

3. Analytics & New Technology

A large proportion of delegates attended the show to learn about new market leading digital systems and tools that can improve content creation and that are cost effective. A reoccurring theme was around outdated LMS systems, and many of the companies in attendance were excited about the variety of new solutions available in the marketplace that can integrate to improve communication and content creation requirements.

There is also a lack of systems that are interactive and that offers good analytics to evaluate how communications and learning programmes perform.

On the PageTiger stand, we impressed delegates with presentations of our analytics suite, which offers insights into usage and document interactions with a simple click of a button.

4. Employee Engagement

The sincere excitement around new learning technology is based on a genuine desire to build better digital employee experiences – that are strategic, personalised, compliant and engaging. Being able to have one central location for sharing of documents, which have the most up to date content, is on-brand and compliant is a great time saver.

One of the biggest challenges for HR and Learning professionals in today’s diverse and hybrid environment is how to personalise digital communications and foster an engaging workforce – at an individual, team and organisational level.

Glenn Diedrich continues: “Employee engagement tend to drop off if the organisational communication is not consistent and relevant. We are here to help HR and learning teams better engage through easy-to-use document creation and content sharing, and we’ve seen a real appetite for adding interactivity within learning materials as well as the ability to have live analytics available to assess learning.”

Onboarding a digital content creation and sharing platform that works for all departments and that helps elevate employee engagement is crucial to organisational success. Easy access to back-end analytics to see who has interacted with various types of content and learning, and to what degree, is the cherry on top!