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Did you know that the PDF is on its way out?

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Did you know that the PDF was introduced to the world almost 30 years ago?

It was developed to share informational documents that included text and images in a digital format. Do know what it stands for? According to Adobe it stands for Portable Document Format and has been around longer than the worldwide web. It has beaten off countless competitors over the years to remain the go-to online format until now that is.

When something has been such a staple for such an extensive period, it is difficult to move on from it. Unfortunately, time is running out and your competitors may have already made the change. If you have not, you will soon be left behind.

We understand change is difficult but according to Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, change is the only constant in life.

In today’s climate data is an especially important resource that needs to be kept in the right hands and seen by the right people. A PDF once created, can go anywhere, be seen by anyone and be replicated and duplicated to the nth degree. The only security the PDF has is a password, but what if the password has been shared freely? There is nothing you can do to protect it anymore.

Make a change though and you could implement single sign-on, reader login or email capture. If this were still not enough you could unpublish the document and no-one will be able to view it anymore. It would simply be gone.

What is this change?

PageTiger’s software. It will completely change the way you present information throughout your organisation, from employees to stakeholders. The software lets you create, distribute and track digital documents. Similar functionality to a PDF? Incorrect, this would be like comparing a phone in a phone booth, to that of the latest iPhone. Yes, they can make both make phone calls but that is where the similarities end.

It allows you to create beautifully designed content with no design experience, add interactive elements such as video’s and quizzes to increase engagement and even record who has read the document and when. All this can be done through your web browser with no downloads required.

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