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View learning material for a specific team
or take the learner experience - unlocking content by making selections and passing tests.

Ground Crew Image
Ground Crew
Assisting passengers through
their airport experience.
Air Crew Image
Air Crew
Keeping passengers
comfortable and safe.
Flight Deck Crew Image
Flight Deck Crew
Managing aircraft operations
from departure to destination.


Ground Handling Image
Ground Handling
Efficient unloading and
loading of aircraft.
Ground Services Image
Ground Services
Clearing, cleaning and
stocking the aircraft cabin.
Sales & Ticketing Image
Ticketing Team
Friendly, professional and
knowledgable advisors.

Learner Experience

Complete foundation training then select your team and role to unlock content and pass tests to progress through the training portal.

To take the learner experience you will need to verify your email address in order to earn badges and receive your certificate on completion.

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