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Corporate Service and Billing Agreement

Each Corporate Service and Billing Agreement (CSBA) is provided for Customers with multiple Accounts and Users and provides a single annual subscription and invoice to cover the anticipated needs of the Customer.

Although inclusions and costs are tailored to the Customer needs, a CSBA must include one Managed Service subscription and a Central Control Account from which the subscription is managed and accessed by individual Accounts.

To accommodate increases in usage, the Customer may, during the first year of the agreement, increase the number of Users without incurring additional costs up to a capped quantity as detailed in the CSBA.

Should the Customer exceed any of the capped levels then an excess charge will be billed as detailed in the CSBA.

Items included within the CSBA may include:

  • Administrator licences
  • Author licences
  • Analyst licences
  • Training Tokens
  • Studio Days
  • Content Tokens
  • TigerPlayer subscriptions

Limits will also be applied to the volume of issues created and emails transmitted through the TigerMailer system.