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Service Description for Professional Services

PageTiger provides design, project management, content origination and bespoke technical development, collectively referred to as Professional Services to PageTiger Customers.

In order to receive Professional Services, a Customer must have a Support Service Charge subscription.


Professional Services are purchased at a daily rate referred to in the Order as a Studio Day and charged at a rate detailed in both the Quote and the Order.

A Studio Day is calculated as seven hours of production work which may be split across multiple members of the PageTiger team to include, but not limited to, Project Managers, Editors, Copywriters, Picture Researchers, Graphic Designers, Technicians and Developers. Services requiring additional skills such as videography and illustration may be outsourced to external suppliers but will, unless agreed in advance, be charged at the same Studio Rate as all other Professional Services.

PageTiger will advise the Customer of any additional charges in the process and will require authorisation by the Account Owner or any other authorised User in advance of the expense being incurred. These costs include, but are not limited to:
  • Reasonable expenses including travel and accommodation
  • Usage rights for images (including TigerStock) and video
  • Production and distribution of printed publications
  • Any outstanding charges will be invoiced at the end of each calendar month.


PageTiger will appoint a Project Manager as the day-to-day contact. The Project Manager will monitor the progress of each project and record the time spent by each individual and the balance of Studio Days remaining.

During the production process, the Project Manager will agree with the Customer the timelines for the Customer to provide approvals and any assets, including any information, images and video, to be used in the production. Failure to deliver assets within the required time and any changes to content once approved by the Customer may result in delivery deadlines being delayed and additional Studio Days being charged.

The Customer is responsible for securing usage rights for any material supplied to PageTiger for inclusion within a project (subject to PageTiger's Terms of Service).

Where requested by the Customer, PageTiger may recommend the use of a third-party component. In this instance, the Customer should purchase the component directly from the supplier and grant PageTiger's Creative Team access in order to implement the production process. If a project is likely to require additional Studio Days then the Project Manager will notify the Customer and will, subject to approval, arrange for extra Studio Days to be charged.

Suspension Professional Services will be suspended should the Customer’s PageTiger Account fall into payment arrears of more than 30 days. Studio Days must be redeemed within 12 months of the Order.

Additional Service Descriptions apply to:

  • Hosted Services
  • Support Services
  • Distribution Services
  • Training Services